we struggle with time
The infinite nature of it
It tests our imagination
a time before us
a time once we are gone

we try to see the time we are here
and our place in the bigger picture
the world undoubtedly changes in our presence
yet our own contribution is hard to fathom

life is so brief, even though, at times, it feels lengthy
Shakespeares “flickering candle”
If we accept his view
and I do
that life has no purpose, no meaning
how, then to judge?

how then, to call a life, won or lost?

Power, money, fame, sex
Surely all false idols?
and will their glories not fade in our final days?

We spent our time over centuries
building, inventing, discovering
religion, philosophy, science
Pleased with ourselves that so much unknown is now known
It’s the known that breaks our hearts

time, will tell
It will tell its own story
It is not on our side thoughIt never was.




Nathaniel Fisher
Illustration Ava Daniels

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