Walk of Life 

Walk of life 
Has been a path
Of appreciation. 
The kindness
Bestowed as a lesson,  
The ancestral smile 
Not lost
To the modern cobweb.
The morning rays
Of the sun is beautiful 
When the Himalayan snow shines.  
The smile on my grandfather’s picture 
Does not hide
My recent upbringings. 
The past comes like an awakening  
It waters my flowering self.  
I dress up in my contentment. 
The weeping river 
Stopped flowing 
When the history of my belonging 
Paved its way. 
To have an abode, 
To seek a home, 
My wandering attire finds its stay.  
I call the world mine, 
The hills and dales,  
No wine from
The barrel of enmity flowing, 
No such unquenching thirst. 
The grim wavering bloom
Has faded with the waking dawn
And the river of dusk 
Has seen a world 
Away from the quaking temptations. 



Sushant Thapa
Picture Nick Victor


Bio: Sushant Thapa is a Nepalese poet from Biratnagar, Nepal who holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has published three books of poetry namely: The Poetic Burden and Other Poems (Authorspress, New Delhi, 2020), Abstraction and Other Poems (Impspired, UK, 2021) and Minutes of Merit (Haoajan, Kolkata, 2021). Sushant has been published in places like The Gorkha Times, The Kathmandu Post, The Poet Magazine, The Piker Press, Trouvaille Review, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Impspired, Harbinger Asylum, New York Parrot, Pratik Magazine, The Beatnik Cowboy, The Dope Fiend Daily, Atunis Poetry, EKL Review, The Kolkata Arts, Dissident Voice, Journal of Expressive Writing, As It Ought To Be Magazine and International Times among many. He has also been anthologized in national and International anthologies. His poem is also included in the Paragon English book for Grade 6 students in Nepal. He teaches Business English to Bachelor’s level students of BBA and BIT at Nepal Business College, Biratnagar, Nepal. Recently Sushant recited his poem “The Poetic Burden” in Kalinga Literary Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal. Sushant was recently awarded with Indology Best Poet Award 2022 from West Bengal, India for his debut poetry book “The Poetic Burden and Other Poems.”


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