68 Claremont


68 Claremont2

68 Claremont

the art house


jab fingers into Lee Perry
dub lapis chunks of sweetmeat
kobi beats roots of chutney
percuss-cuss a big dip o`ruby jam
acid-smear on canvas
drumming up rimshot skin
thumb-smudge eyes & cowbell
vitreous gel chank
scratch double-vision cornea
macula upsetter
optic nerve skank

on drums-are-dangerous walls
motor-war markings
slithering round
and around
and across
the floor
>>> into a bath
filled with gravel
and a baby’s bootee


a little space of peace
amongst hundreds
of angry people

Paul Hawkins

from Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press) out November 12th 2015

Illustration Nick Victor.


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