Blake and God

By Heathcote Williams

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4 Responses to Blake and God

  1. su rose says:

    ‘their’ not his -must mean Blake and God’s knuckles?

  2. jeff cloves says:

    Blake’s belief in God and angels:
    I wrote this poem as a poster poem (illustrated by Blake) for an event in Stroud’s
    Subscription Rooms to celebrate Blake’s 252nd birthday on 28th November 2009 –
    speech should be in italics but inexplicably won’t print that way here

    birthday Blake amazes

    William Blake once saw
    he believed
    bright angel wings
    lighting a tree on Peckham Rye
    O imagine their shimmering
    beneath the miraculous morning sky

    Blake told his dear mother
    of this heavenly vision
    and she shielded him from
    his father’s derision
    O how this story stings

    yet this very November day
    I thought I saw little William lodged
    in bare branches of beech
    by the Sub’ Rooms of Stroud
    O see that spirit up our tree
    I shouted loud
    it’s William Blake
    it’s he

    O see his broad forehead
    his bold bulging eyes
    see his stocky form
    his short legs
    his clumsy thighs
    how come he’s up there then?
    the flower-stall man marvels
    did he fly like them bright wingèd angels?

    O no!
    his visionary verses
    defy gravity gravely
    O clouds unfold!
    his words soar bravely
    it’s Blake’s inner ear
    has gathered us here
    it’s Blake’s inner eye
    keeps him forever high

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