Exorcism of the White House

Published on 4 May 2017

In 1967, one of America’s most original bands, The Fugs, went to Washington D.C. on a mission to levitate the Pentagon and exorcise the evil war-mongers who were expanding the Vietnam War. NOW – 50 years later, The Fugs (Ed Sanders, Scott Petito, Steve Taylor and Coby Batty) have returned to save us all from the new crop of evil-doers who have taken up residence in the White House. With the inspiration and guidance of Ed Sanders, Bob Holman, and the spirit of Tuli Kupferberg, I created a music video to accompany The Fugs brand-new “Exorcism of the White House.”

The Fugs

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2 Responses to Exorcism of the White House

  1. Cy Lester says:

    Their pre-punk prophetic genius was political for now and always.

  2. Joel blue says:

    Of course that The Excorcist was filmed largely in DC, should add visitors extra photo ops… As well as the old Postal Headquarters now a Trump Hotel!
    Hope for a lively turnout and show of disdain with the spirit of The Fugs setting a unifying focus that will not fall off afterwards to apathy and complacency.
    The Invisible Worm still flies about our world

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