Grenfell Fund?

WHERE HAS THE £19m DONATED TO GRENFELL VICTIMS ACTUALLY GONE? The British people donated enough money to give each Grenfell household around £150,000 – BUT THE MONEY HAS DISAPPEARED. The ‘official’ story is that it has been given to “THE LONDON EMERGENCIES TRUST” which is not a ‘trust’ nor a ‘charity’ but is in fact a PRIVATE COMPANY who calls itself ‘LONDON FUNDERS’ which is listed at HM Government Companies House as having “44 Officers” – however, only 11 people are in active roles – the rest have RESIGNED. The official Companies House listing says there are NO PEOPLE or OFFICERS WHO HAVE SIGNIFICANT CONTROL over the so called “LONDON FUNDERS” private company who started a new ‘front’ organisation in March 2017 called the ‘London Emergencies Trust’. No senior patron – such as a Lord, or a Judge, nor a member of the royal family – not even an accountant is in charge – no one is listed as being ‘in charge’, even though Grenfell residents are being told that the £19m donated to them by members of the public has now mysteriously been given to this private company. Only a tiny fraction of the £19m has been given FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE TRAGEDY. By the way, that £19m generates at least £190,000 per year @ 1% interest, in other words, more than £15,000 per MONTH is generated in interest from these donations – WHERE HAS THE INTEREST GONE? No Grenfell survivor has been asked permission, nor told anything about why this money – which could help all the residents re-boot their lives – is being banked, or who is indeed in charge of it.


Christopher Everard

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  1. jeff cloves says:

    tower of babel

    who’d want to live

    in a tower block?

    not the cabinet ministers

    who reside in Dreamland

    not the architects

    who have houses in Hampstead

    not the local councillors

    who never went to see

    not the manufacturers

    whose fireproof cladding caught fire

    not the fire-resistance testers

    who did the best they could

    not the building inspectors

    who went by the rules

    not the disarmed firefighters

    who fought the high-rise flames

    not the many-tongued citizens

    who lie speechless in their graves

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