Love You Long Time

Love You Long Time: End of Lydia Lunch support slot Montreuil Paris

Fighting hard to win over a hip noisy Parisian crew who were there to see the headline act, the infamous Lydia Lunch.

So I had to work hard to get them to listen to the unknown performance poet.

I was rather flattered when a couple came up to me and told me I had restored their faith in America. I had to upset their new found vision by informing them that I was a Paddy and not a yank.

Tried to ignore the talkers down the back at the start by focussing on rapt faces up front.

It was curious though when I found out that the two guys ostensibly digging it the most actually didn’t speak a word of English, they were just grooving on the energy.

Anyhow by the final number I had the whole crew on script.

They were rapt and roaring as I wrapped up.

Kevin Barrington


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