Subvertisments #1

Try one and you’ll want one guaranteed.
No operators’ only real and genuine girls.

These people believe in state control of the press.
What’s the damage?
Every little helps.

I want to treat MYSELF. Any suggestions?
They don’t get much BIGGER than this!
XXL week.
Give your life a lift.

Find a new job or let it find you.
Half price and delivered before Christmas.

Older ladies mature and experienced.
Stop leaks instantly with spray ‘n’ real.

Have you worked with vibrator tools in the last 30 years?
Adult chat college girls.
Cute, cuddly and clean.
Pick up a pack for your chance to win.

Weekends IN.
£14 spirits. Neighbour magnets.
A range of nibbles to get the party started.
Have you resorted to this?

Subvertisments #2

If you’re chatting to everyone about Mum’s memory loss, maybe you should chat to Mum.
With this box of tricks you’re in complete control.

Family fun. Faster fun.
Blood will be spilled. Instruments of death.
Yesterday. Tonight at 9pm.

Injury claim? Who can you trust?
British stuffed duck.
Saving you money every day.

Ex forces? Monday madness.
You hide. They seek.

Half-price! Riser recliner chairs.
Fitted in the same space as your old bath in just one day.

Limited time only.
Unlimited data. Unlimited texts.
Keep up.
We’ve got a great deal for you this winter.

Subvertisments #3

With all-you-can-eat data on the network, built for the internet.
Watch what you want whenever you wish.
it’s got our name on it.

Bi curious?
Bundles from £350.
10% cheaper or we’ll give you the difference guaranteed.
Enchanting entertainment for the whole family.

Believe in better.
Fleece lined action trousers.
Crema by name, smootha by nature.

Makita 18v combi drill
Crowd pleasers.
The people who give you extra.

Local Birds.
Tipples for a tenner.
Welcome to Joyville.
With so many tasty combinations, anyone can be demanding.

Hot quickie.
Sex sounds.
listen in NOW!
You’re not waiting, you’re not waiting, you’re not waiting anymore!


Source for Subvertisments 1-3: Advertisements found in The Sun newspaper.


A.D. Hitchin




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