3/17/18, A Firing Squad


(on National Public Radio)



On NPR as I drive to WHOLE Foods on Saturday

morning an expert on executions WEIGHS


in on Oklahoma turning to nitrogen gas

for executions after failing


to obtain lethal injection drugs. The HOST

asks the expert what is the most humane


method of execution and the answer is

the firing squad. OklaHOMA botched


a 2014 execution with the drug midaZOLAM

and the inmate, Clayton LOCKett, called out


“Oh, man” after he was declared unconscious and, in

fact, died later of a heart ATTACK. OKLAhoma


state attorney Mike HUNTER explained the choice of

nitrogen gas thus: “We can no longer sit on the


SIDELINES and wait to find drugs. . .” The expert

this morning may have explained


why the firing squad is the most humane, but

I was APPROACHING more traffic and became


disTRACTED and when I came to


the subject on NPR had changed to something





John Levy

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One Response to 3/17/18, A Firing Squad

    1. I love an artist,in this case a poet, who has the guts to confront the any of the
      world’s ills in his or her work.

      Comment by Donald Cole on 7 April, 2018 at 5:45 pm

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