On the call for the Second Brexit Referendum


This will be the last year as we have previously understood it;

The ides of March, idling have distorted us and our view,

Time unreturned has bitten the clock that first fed it

And charged the hand held in protest to strike and be heard

By the few. Just who are they? We ask, as we search for those who care

And consider the long sought solution not to belong but believe

In both the systems we’ve made and the means by which all expression

Can translate public worry into the private obsessions of those

Who deceive us all and then lead.


As the middle class march towards uncertain horizons

The  pavements crumble like biscuit dunked into their death scented tea,

Over blood fed sewers the feet are stepping across smiles and horseshit,

With the sad parade snagging both the throats and codes of the free.


They march for the joke,

The truth of which can’t stay hidden;

That we are the ransacked,

And we, in emptying have lost sight

Of the fire and steel that once forged our future,

And which with the grip and sacred firmament falling

Robs every angry arm of its fight.


March to end time as the end of March marks the struggle

So that both the mistress and masters can mix April’s acid rain

To blame May. When Summer comes we’ll be scorched

By a different heat burning in us,

As we reproach, it devours – with fire’s call to cost, money drains


A million take to the street while millions more suck the shadow

A day in March to bring darkness as the spring in your step gains

It’s limp. Brexit wounds. Even healed the bone will show

Through the shallow; revealing the heart and soul broken

As are the political words they address.


No time will pass, or even soothe each transgression.

Hope, even answered, will not be how we forgive.

Never forget or allow what they decide in your honour.

Each step in March or September is both a vow undertaken

And a breath that shows us all how we live.




David Erdos  24th March 2019

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2 Responses to A DAY IN MARCH

    1. Brexit is our second Dunkirk. Do we now understand better why Brian Howard accosted two British army officers, drinking in the bar at the Savoy, and wag a finger at them, and say – Dunkerky-werky!

      Comment by Cy Lester on 24 March, 2019 at 3:52 pm
    2. The EU has become a Fascist State Mate and that is why the French want to leave with their Frexit.When asked on TV in 1973 to explain his lack of honestly Heath merely sneered “The British public are too ignorant to be involved in governing themselves.” He imagined this justified his behaviour. Well the working class has seen through the charade and woken up.So it is time to move on and leave.

      Comment by Dave Lawton on 1 April, 2019 at 9:01 am

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