A fragment


I’m hesitant about starting this, because I don’t think I’ll ever finish it. Some unforeseen event will almost certainly throw me off course in the not-too-distant future, so that beginning seems pointless. There are famous ‘unfinished’ texts of course. But the likelihood of my producing a fragment deserving of preservation seems doubtful, so much so that it’s scarcely worth the effort trying. I’ve been telling myself this for some months, and of course had I started back in the summer, when these anxieties first manifested themselves, I might by now have produced something of interest. Predictably, none of the distractions I feared have actually materialised during these past months. But that brings me little comfort. The fact that a disaster hasn’t yet occurred seems to me only to increase the certainty that one will, and probably very soon. Every passing hour makes that more likely, and starting on the work…




Simon Collings
Picture Nick Victor

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