I’m a man, a he-man
I’m a seaman, a woodman, a headman,
a hangman
I’m a footman, a gentleman, a nobleman,
a beggarman
an airman, oarsman, horseman, ploughman
a highwayman, a cowman
I’m a swordsman, a bowman, a rifleman
I’m a gunman, a badman, a bagman,
a conman, a strongman
I’m a longshoreman, a warehouseman,
a footplateman, a night watchman
I’m a coachman, a carman, a boatman
a dustman, a busman, a coalman
the postman, the milkman, the gasman
I’m a plainsman, a frontiersman,
a mountain man
I’m a sideman, a frontman, a sticksman,
a saxman, an axeman,
I’m a jazzman, a bluesman
I’m a bondsman, a barman, a locksman
I’m an infantryman, a cavalryman,
an artilleryman, a guardsman, a bandsman,
a serviceman
I’m an Englishman, Irishman, Welshman,
a Cornishman, Yorkshireman, Manxman,
I’m a Dutchman, a Frenchman, a Chinaman,
a German, a bushman, a mussulman
I’m a houseman, a caveman, a spaceman
I’m a blackman, a redman, a yellowman,
a white man
I’m a townsman, a countryman
I’m the odd man out
I’m the last man in
I’m the last man standing
I’m a dead man walking
I’m the Green Man, the Long Man,
the Hanged Man, the Sandman
the Old Man in the Moon
I’m the Quiet Man, the Thin Man,
the fifth man, the Third Man
I’m the foreman
I’m the doorman
I’m the chairman
I’m a salesman, a yesman, a big man, a little
man, middleman, moneyman
I’m a cocksman, a ladies’ man, a legman,
your fancy man
I’m the man of the match, the man of the
I’m a man’s man
I’m a Renaissance man, the man who
has everything
I’m yesterday’s man, Man Friday, the Man
Who Was Thursday, the Man in the Iron
Mask, the Man Who Would Be King
I’m all man
I’m a drinking man, the thinking man,
the common man, your fellow man,
the man on the Clapham omnibus, the man
in the street, Everyman, the Man of Sorrows
I’m a good man and true
I’m a new man
I’m a man of letters, a man of science, a man
of parts, a man of peace, a man of war,
a man at arms
I’m a man of the cloth, a clergyman,
a churchman, a layman
I’m a party man, our man in Havana,
a statesman
I’m a policeman
I’m a herdsman, a helmsman, a handyman,
a penman, a fisherman
I’m the best man
I’m an apeman, a wolfman, a wildman,
a starman, a birdman, a beadsman,
a wise man
I’m a draughtsman, a marksman, a huntsman
I’m a chessman
I’m a merman
I’m your right hand man
I’m an able-bodied man
I’m an odd-job man
I’m a blindman, a rag and bone man,
a madman
I’m a rich man, a poor man, a workingman,
a tradesman
I’m a yeoman, a snowman, a fireman,
a waterman, a trencherman, a groundsman
I’m a businessman, a sportsman, a man
about town
I’m an earthman
I’m a self-made man
I’m the bellman, the shipman, the pieman
I’m Superman, Spiderman
I’m your batman
I’m a tin man, a man of straw, a hollow man
I’m as good as the next man
I’m a cameraman, an anchorman,
a weatherman, a stuntman, a Punch & Judy
man, a song and dance man, a funny man,
straight man, a showman
I’m the man
I’m only a man
I’m not half the man
You’re a better man than I am


John Gibbens


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