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    1. Margaret changed Britain alright. First she destroyed industry by refusing to help “Lame ducks”.Then she ordered calvary charges on the miners. When asked about society she answered “…there is no society…” how right she was. Then she gave free money printing status to the City of London’s bankers ,Stock Exchange etc … and to end it all after snatching the milk from school kids , her buddies snatched their innocence. Britain has become a cesspool of moral and venal corruption .At the centre of it are MP’s and especially the Conservative Party with Mr.Cameron making feeble excuses for his cohorts.He should have said “We will pursue these rumours to the core and anyone suspected will be prosecuted with the full force of the Law. Or is it only kids that take the full force of the Law when rioting?And how about the Financial Jihadists that nearly destroyed hour Economy. What no Bankers in jail? Is it only Jimmy Carr that does not pay is way?And Gary Glitter who abused kids.Sorry I forgot, they didn’t go to Eton or were a Member of the Bullingdon Club…that famous club of cocaine snorters that now rules us squeezing the poor and lowering the taxes of the rich. About time I imigrated to Zimbabwe at least there the climate is sunnier and paedophiles get a burning rubber tyre paced around their necks their politicians are not any worse than here they just have “cultural differences”and lack the sophistication of our Eton,Oxford,Cambridge et all politicians.

      Comment by C.MOURAO on 9 November, 2012 at 10:06 am

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