Agony Traces (1976)


It was a simple series of epiphanies, she said,
………..the kind we often suffered together…
……………– David Cronenberg

Did the earth move?
See the houses burn, the landscape shudder
In criminal transit we always remember those
Traces, the agony – and
Capture the moment dead or alive
Freak out wipe out
This is a real Thunder Run
Where spasms cross borders
No sparkling sunshine
Just flaming agonised pleasure in pain
It was time to float out.

Float out. Writhe and squirm
The pain is a pleasure just agonised pleasure
The sunshine sparkles across her face
Across the borderline, here
This was the real Thunder Run
Off Broadway freak out, wipe out
Capture life dead in that moment
Agonised traces,
Remember wordplay and floating machines
See houses burn, a landscape
Did the earth move
…For you darling?


AC Evans

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