Greetings citizens from around the world, we are anonymous.

Today, we claim victory against the fascist state of Israel.

A strong faction within anonymous has taken down over one thousand Israeli sites.

Attacks are still continuing, and are growing rampant by the day, and the cyber aggression against the Zionist state are stronger than ever before. We are calling upon the entire anonymous collective, and its hidden factions, to keep attacking Israel’s cyberspace, and to always be cautious on the sites you attack, and the tools and equipment you use to leak or disrupt.

We need to show Gazans and Palestinians that they are not alone against this horrific evil.

To Israel: We will keep attacking you, and exposing your lies and crimes against humanity until you propose peace for once. Until then, anonymous and other groups will keep attacking your pathetic wall of a cyber-security. We will be forced to unleash our entire legion against your servers, thus banishing you from the internet.

Yet, we must stress, heavily, that this is not an attack on Jews, or the religion of Judaism, in fact, many Jews from around the world are siding themselves with Palestine, and not, Israel.

This is an all out attack against Zionists, and their corrupt ideology, and the systematic killing apparatus they use to suppress an under-developed location.

Operation Save Gaza, engaged.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We will never forgive.
We will never forget.
Expect us.


Greetings world we are anon-ghost.
this is an urgent call for all hackers, human rights organisations, activists all around the world, to unite again, and start campaign against Israel, share what is really going on there, expose their terrorist activity to the world. the act of launching rockets from Gaza sector to Israel is an acceptable and normal reaction against those pigs, that’s call resistance and not terrorism, israhell is never existed its only Palestine, it’s our home. if you are a hacker, activist, a human right organisation, share, hack israel website, and expose to the world their crime, show to the world how much blood in their hands, bloods of innocent children and women.
we will never remain silence against israhell war activity, anonymous collective, all hackers team will join this operation inchallah, and we will be the cyber resistance, the cyber shield, the voice for the forgoten people. the voice of Palestine. fight for the right, do something, where ever you are, what ever you can do, join the cyber intifada. on 11 july 2014, israhell, you better be prepared.
operation save Gaza…engaged.

We are : Mauritania Attacker – Virusa Worm – AnonxoxTn – Tak Dikenal – Younes Lmaghribi – Mauritania K!ll3r – V0RT3X – Dr.SaM!M_008 – BillGate – RudeAt Localhost – Pr3d4T0r – Chahid Injector – X-Wanted – X-ASS4S!N – PhObia_PhOneyz – Mauritania InjeCtor – Donnazmi – Black Cracker – Mster Tito – Extazy007 – M-c0d3r – DarkR00T – haxOr trojAn – Hamzah Uygun – TheXvirus – Hellion – CoderSec – Mrlele – HusseiN98D – Predator – Mr.Ajword – TheGame Attacker – xIdontknow – rummykhan – Hani Xavi – Chahid Injector – Samir inject0r


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One Response to Anonymous

    1. Thanks.
      There are certains ideas about Israeli “Past Deeds”
      Running very quickly through a few…..
      Israel stole Plutonium from the USA….for their nuclear projects.(Dimona Site in Israel)
      The US President wrote to them asking /telling them that investigations of their Nuclear Site/ Dimona were going to go ahead,
      and if the Israelis refused…the US president would “withold” the money/the millions worth of Aid.
      The Israelis were helped by the CIA to solve this problem.
      JFK was taken down.

      Moving on…Mossad was working with CIA in the complicated plan of using the WTC Buildings in an Attack
      that would eliminate the evidence of the Black Eagle Trust fund,that was being investigated in the offices,that were blown away,in The WTC building and the offices in the Pentagon.
      Global Hawks were used in the Op.
      Evidence was “dealt”with.Wheels were smoothed over.
      Look up Black Eagle Trust Fund for more information about this.This was not merely an attempt to wreck 2 high rise buildings,just for the hell of it…this was a complicated operation.
      See also Mike Ruppert’s book on this subject,Crossing The Rubicon.
      Ruppert’s computers were smashed.

      Mossad would do Hits.Kills for the CIA,so their “relationship” is ongoing.
      For more information on Israel and USA See Norman Finkelstein Book
      The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.
      (Norman Finkelstein is banned from entering Israel by the Israeli Government)

      Comment by chris on 22 September, 2014 at 9:01 am

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