Another Music collection to salve the Covid bugs away #6


Curated and collated by Alan Dearling

Lidy Blijdorp, cello, Kate Moore’s ‘Tarantella’: recorded at a private house in Amsterdam Zuid. Electrifying performance. And that’s from someone who watches relatively little classical music.

See more posts from the organisation behind the event:



Bootleg footage of the Eric Clapton and Peter Frampton guitar duel in ‘My Guitar Gently Weeps’ at Crossroads Festival in Dallas, Texas, 2019. It was filmed for Sky Arts, so you may be able to see the original pro-footage which features lots more close-ups and cut-aways.



A bit noisier, but memorable in its own psychedelic-thrashy sort of way. Reminds me a bit of the Velvets.  ‘Revolution’ from Spacemen 3 from 1989 CND ‘Carry on Disarming’ campaign.



Daniel Gaudi and myself have worked at many of the same festies and gigs across Europe. He linked me with Russian opera singer, soprano, Maria Matveeva working with Deep Forest. Maria kindly sent me more links to her work. Here’s ‘On the Edge’ from ‘Siberian Tales, which has won the best album in the Russian World Music Awards:



And here’s the Gaudi remix of ‘Kalinushka’ (and one of my pics of Daniel) which was part of the Award:




I can sense some of Maria’s operatic spirit in punk-goth queen, Lene Lovich. Along with Nina Hagen, she was a firm favourite of many of my friends in Amsterdam/The Netherlands (and John Peel). Here’s Lene back in 1978 with ‘Lucky Number’:



Something new. ‘Illuminate’ is the 2020 album from Zion Train. Old friends from Traveller punk-dub-reggae days and one of my absolutely favourite and ever-evolving ‘live’ acts. Another brave display of eco-commitment and support for Extinction Rebellion and Stop Ecocide.

Here’s Cara on vocals on the track, ‘We shall Rise’. Great video too.



And finally the Steve Hillage Band at the Gong Unconvention, Amsterdam 2006.

‘Sun Moon Surfing’:


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