Irrational exuberance is jaw dropping. Do you know how to get into the crash position? To appeal to a wider audience, put your head between your knees and kiss your fun goodbye. It helps to know in advance what they’re talking about. There’s no way that curling up in a ball will help you survive.

You live enveloped by a media frenzy that focuses on struggle and plight and does not so much celebrate your individual nature as force you to relinquish part of your psychic make-up, perhaps with the idea of appealing to territorial presence. We will be taking the site offline sometime on Friday evening.

Everyone is flying backwards, with a lot of chatter about whether or not to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Better a quick exit than a slow one. We seem to inhabit a world apart from modern music, sounding as if we’ve been sweating it out in the streets and banging on pilfered junkyard scraps for decades.

The survivors are in hospital, equally cursed and blessed. We need to reduce the incidence of such trauma, its observation of celebration and harmony. Brutal resonance stops you dead in your tracks. You are in for a big shake up when it comes to thrilling dissonance & relentlessly hypnotic percussive grooves. You have been warned.

All eyes are gazing upon this vast continent’s suffering: witness how anything rhythmic or percussion-led is so often described as tribal, like it shuffled up in a grass skirt waving a spear, expert in how to survive the impact. Instruction can be given to prepare for the alarming thud of a brick wall, a relatively cost-free version of the larger challenges associated with the last bullet. We’re all doomed anyway.


© Rupert M Loydell

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