The streets are quiet
4pm  boarded up
Sainsbury’s shutting early,
windows panned in
the Argos, the bank, the bookies

In Peckham they have come in made a Peace Wall
post-it notes for positive messages, all
I heart Peckham
No more riots
though in amongst the I love reads one –
We should make it a weekly event

On East Street market
everybody is talking about it
no post-it notes but one guy
just ahead of me saying 

the problem is
the police are like a disease.


She was working at the Olympics
feeding the athletes

said her foot is sometimes
like it’s burning now
and her knee is in pain

sometimes she said we were stood in the fridge
like one big fridge the size of this flat
for sometimes 3, 4 hours
and then straight out in front of the hotplates again
and nowhere to ever sit down
and they only gave us half an hour for lunch

and sometimes when we got to the canteen
which was a 10 minute walk away
there wasn’t anything left for us to eat.


Lisa Fannen 


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