Sarcasm, a once well-honed tool in the repertoire of political critics in the bad old days, has now for quite obvious reasons fallen into disuse.

In earlier times there were many opportunities to wax forth in those terms, and corrupt politicians in the past were worthy of that kind of cutting tactic.

Now however, we live in a more benign world free from such devious men, while integrity reigns amongst our present leaders, as they vie with each other to demonstrate their honest hearts and speak in the House with such Socratic insight.

Thus are they worthy of our highest regard, dedicating their lives as they do in the cause of bettering and easing the lot of their electorate.

And they do it all for us!

Not for them the country house and town flat with a lifestyle oiled by a generous expense account; frugal in their lives they set society an example which cannot be gainsaid.

See our honest copper, bent beneath the burden of protecting us from the criminal.

Suffer a medical condition and fall straight into the arms of an angelic flock of vocationally dedicated nurses.

Good we’ve never had it so.

And now we bid a fond farewell to sarcasm, useful alas, only in a society run by madmen whose foremost talent is to meddle, make a mess, and then lie. 

Dave Tomlin
Pic: Nick Victor


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