London, 31st July. Popular street performer Danny Shine is challenging a byzantine bylaw, used by Westminster council to gag anyone their officials deem “annoying”. London’s dancers, buskers, artists and protesters have all fallen victim to Byelaw 3, section 235, Local Government Act 1972 which makes annoying someone a criminal offence punishable by crippling fines.

Danny Shine said: “I stand in the street and tell people “everything is OK”. Obviously the man with the clipboard thinks this is a serious crime”

“It’s a double standard. I’ve actually seen council functionaries solicit complaints against me from unsuspecting tourists but refuse to act on complaints against any of the businesses on Oxford Street”

Danny’s “Everything is OK” videos, which often focus on civil liberties, are watched by hundreds of thousands online and he is currently making a documentary about this case.

Westminster Council is prosecuting Danny for allegedly using his megaphone in Oxford Circus when ordered to desist. He has challenged the legality of the byelaw. At a hearing on 31st May at Westminster Magistrates, the Judge ruled this was a legitimate challenge. Surprised that Danny even mounted a defence, Westminster Council requested extra time to prepare a justification for the byelaw to remain on the books.

Danny’s barrister, Jeremy Rosenberg, said, “These kinds of prosecutions are clearly a waste of public money and an abuse of people’s human rights.”

Here is an example of the Westminster Council officer shutting Danny down whilst he was notifying passers by that he was giving out free sandwiches.


Danny Shine’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for the Documentary – http://www.facebook.com/l/tAQEt8OVXAQHeeQF5ZJZp0k8vetL1MTZzCP7YJsGBblB1uA/igg.me/at/everythingisok/x/3859330

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    1. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing Danny. More than anything, you’e waking people up from their sleep. Total support.

      Comment by Marco on 8 August, 2013 at 10:25 am
    2. I am a very friendly, colourful, versatile, charismatic, Street Entertainer, for 25 years, in my 66th year with 5 Disabilities

      Won 4 City Freestyle Disco Dance Championships in 15 years

      Playing and singing popular songs, my own songs, a variety of 50s smooth jazz, 60s pop, Tamla Motown, plus 70s disco songs

      Westminster are the only council in all London, that hound, threaten, intimidate and persecute Street Entertainers as well as any members of the public who make protestations against Westminster officers

      I have written to the Public Protection Councillor in Westminster but everything only got far worse with the police joining in being very intimidated, making threats and some false arrests too

      To be continued

      Antony Phillip Tovey Esq

      Comment by Antony on 19 January, 2016 at 10:13 am
    3. 07th May 2016

      Dear London

      You should knmow that what Camden did to restric street entertainment was not properly nor fully lawful for numerous reasons and breached all natural rights

      Camden as all councils in London, granted many landlords a ” Change of Use ” application

      This meant chanhing offices above the shops into flats, in a busy built up area where there is always noise nuisances

      Camden as all granted, ” Change of use ” applications by any Council, in built up and busy areas, have the greatest ” Self. Interest “, as the council is only interested in how many people they can collect Community Tax from when the tenants move in

      Then they chose, due to a hand full of the same people complaining, living near the Camden Tube station, to charge buskers for the right to play and to move them on after an hour orr maybe two, if no one was waiting to play

      When a Street Entertainer feels forced to write to the Councillor for Public Protection last May 2015, due to certain police officers along with the Westminster Council Officers both making threats to any members of the public who made serious protestations against stopping the free entertainment. That London has been famous for since anyone had anyone had a song in their heart to share with others

      The constant harassment and unlawful threats began in 2010 and have escalated out of all proportion to the publics gross alarm and dismay

      I have been singing to a small group of visitors to London and Europeans who live and work here on many occasions, as do other entertainers, when all of a sudden, for no lawful reason, the council officers, or the police, or the council officers and the police tell me to stop entertaining and do not tell other entertainers playing louder than I, to stop entertaining nearby

      So there is blatant discrimination, victimisation plus harassment and a blatant breach of Human Rights by Westminster

      You will note that Westminster, both the city council and the police, do not make any reply to the facts that I have stated and of course there is years of e mails complaining too to no avail, so far

      I often play songs for people from all over Europe with guitar, iPod, Apps and You Tube as well as many requests to use my guitar

      Your friendly versatile London Entertainer

      Antony Feelgood

      Entertainers.co.uk @gmail.com

      Keep Music Alive
      The Busking Project

      My Space, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, VK, G+, What’s App, Viber etcetera

      Comment by Antony P. Tovey Esq on 7 May, 2016 at 8:44 am

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