All you need is love. 
Lying in the street. 
Free chewing gum and all 
the company you could wish for. 
Keep going. 
Don’t develop a conscience now. 
Roma pickpocket. Albanian pimp. Same page, different book. 
What would you have us think? 
What would you have us believe?
Super floss CID, inter dental KGB. 
It’s a wonderful world.

European cities. Poverty, drugs, racism and crime ferment. 
Seethe like sixteenth century cesspits. Heartache and love walk hand in hand.

Beauty is found in the darkest streets. Kids still laugh and play music. 
Bracelets and handcuffs. 
The jewellery of restraint. 
There is nothing we crave 
except craving. 
Baby you’re a rich man now.




A references poem to Baby You’re A Rich Man which Lennon allegedly wrote his part of after attending the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream.




Mike Mcnamara

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