Bippety and Boppety Chat about British Foreign Policy

– Once upon a time Britain led the world.
– Other countries used to listen to what we had to say.
– What we did, other countries thought it was great and did the same.
– Plus we invented cricket and football and perhaps also snooker. I’m not sure about snooker. I might have to check that one.
– But it wasn’t just sport, it was other stuff, like war and economic exploitation. We led the world.
– Sport is important. It brings people together.
– That’s true. But it only brings people together when we win.
– The best sports are the ones we win at, that’s for sure.
– I think the government should do more in that regard, and if they’re wondering about how to spend their money they should concentrate on helping us win sport things.
– I was reading the other day that in history most wars have started because of sport.
– I always thought it was religion caused most wars.
– No. They’ve updated it.
– Our government really should read what you read.
– Some of it. Not all of it.
– I thought you’d stopped reading those magazines.
– I tried, but I have needs.

Martin Stanard




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One Response to Bippety and Boppety Chat about British Foreign Policy

    1. I read a quote somewhere
      that sport is ‘war by other means’
      as the world descends
      into ever more lunacy
      the only sane response is laughter
      so very well said MS

      Comment by jeff cloves on 13 October, 2021 at 11:18 am

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