Bippety and Boppety Discuss an Indispensable Item

— I can see you have been splashing out.
— Indeed. It was £9.50! I could have got one for £9.45 but it was the wrong colour.
— Colour, or “hue” as my artist friend Hugh insists upon calling it, is very important.
— Indeed.
— You want it to work in the room.
— Indeed again.
— There is nothing worse than the uncomplementary jarring with one’s carefully designed existence.
— Incidentally, I could have got two, a twin pack for £20.00, but I don’t need two.
— One is enough for most mortals.
— Mind you, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have one in reserve.
— Things can go wrong.
— I didn’t think of that. Damn.
— Never mind.
— At least the 2022 version is better than the 2021 version. It says on the packet “New and Improved!”
— It would be futile to argue with that unsubstantiated marketing claim. What drove you to such a purchase? You are usually quite the miser.
— It was the Countess recommended it as indispensable for a lady of a certain age.
— And she knows you better than most.
— Indeed.
— Indeed.


Martin Stannard





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