— Do you like your oil diffuser with essential oils aroma air humidifier aromatherapy purifier?
– If I said I am speechless with delight it would be paradoxical, would it not?
— I am tempted to say that once again you are talking good scents, but I shall resist.
— For which we are all truly thankful.
— In other news, I have ordered a new teapot.
— Indeed.
— Yes. I’m thirsty, but the teapot will not arrive until Thursday.
— I hope you can hold out that long.
— I will come to your modest palace for liquid refreshment while I’m waiting.
— Well, you could, but I believe rain is forecast within the hour.
— Oh. In that case I will go and lay down on my back in the yard and wait. I knew there was a reason for buying that set of plastic pouring funnels (small, medium and large).



Martin Stannard




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