Boomtown comedown


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One more time back to another time ! a slow down of 49 tunes heard at boomtown 45’s to 35’s and 33’s to 23’s rpm’s with photos from 5 previous visit’s to the boomtown’s. And a list of things heard said and described @ bonton , why ? Cause boomtown reminds me of 1988 ! a rave one sharn’t forget. Its for all the ravers , dreds, punks, jungalists, anarchists, d n b er’s , left wingers, garage heads, addicts, antifa, teklifers and bass line heads in general
the Boomtown list , heard said, seen, described
do I look alright ?
I’m a bit psychic
have you heard of monty python
I gave up smoking for 3 months , once !
He loves a drink
I must
yeh I used to do that but it takes up too much time and those people are wankers
do you hope to get married one day ?
I had the love of my life in my thirties
all these drugs
hit it hit it hit it hit it, bang it
hillbilly heroine
a terrible child then a nice adult
ocd blagger
do you think I look good for my age
are you funky or just a junkie
robbie was ! A pretty man
I used to feel so empty on holiday
youv’e won a roll with a ciggarette lighter in it
who stole my glue
im dying
d n s drugs n stuff
I love my boom town
dark lounge
there is bugger all the other side
scene it / scenic
5 scoops
hand job
floor drugs
wah wah wah wah wah, want want want
that man with the plastic baby smashing the barrel up with its head
alright ! Brother !
Dont be wasteman be bin man
been a cainer , lovely high
fuck nose
hmmmm , adidas boy
I wanna die
are you hoping to be an actress
im bi-polar she is too, she’s very helpful and very inappropiate
ive discovered that names mean something
he smoked bensons and gave up , I didnt !
rave yard
I never get the chance to see live entertainment anymore
micro rave
free shrugs
barrel girls
garage girls
murky tunes, murky rave, murky vibe
sketchy towers
ray mears , my fears
bare grills
dry ball fears
blue ball , wet ball, dry ball
merky blood, bad blood
no football
a tune for the dying
how long ? Not long
phone yr dad
todays spaghetti lets get ketty
hippy , fucking hippies
the one that hits last hits the longest
bounre ton
who forgot the cow bells
well ! He aint got long left , look at him
I got a one way ticket to feltham young offenders
a one way ticket to spangladesh
flogging molly
straighten up
croydon in south africa
alvin kline that’s acid and k mate
heatwave all summer long and doom town come along and menace it up
were gonna go see poisonous cunt at hangar 161 , be there or be an even bigger cunt that you clearly are
dont open your mouth bob
ben died
memories of a geezer
in the year 1988 reg
yong yang pride punx
bacon 8
my left leg has no sensation
here’s a song about gravesend
spanish finger
I keep on dreaming about raves
a crusty old raver with no flavour
when I say drug up you say fuck up
sick note
im not going to serve you , you have that funny movement and strange mannerisms
boomtown cum down
no-one’s sorry around here
glory be….
english brexit tea
a full english brexit
frill grill seekers
this guys nitty
light the fire to burn babylon
herbal nest
bin steak
a cure for hate ! Black sabbath
mowleys chicken wars
hannah spoons
if im not shitting
so are you tired or didnt you get any sleep last night
raver down
billie ray cyrus
ned landry
be sincere
uh huh
bass lines , bass lines and bass lines
one more time back to another time
cum down
you got any don trump acid’s ?
god is dad
im havin a toke
ride on ravers
he was a racist
I had a boyfriend when I was your age , we took a magical mystery tour and wound up in basingstoke
I had a daughter , she wrote me a lovely card
learning disorder
my daughter was mixed race
mum when was you going to tell me im adopted
slowed down sex pest
slow down perv
shy vibes
I started drinking milk again
yeh i’d love a breast milk white russian
merky england
merky park , merky start
boom foot, trench foot, flat foot, black foot
do it
bye, bye, bye, the bestest days ever, never see you again, fuck off its my personality
tommy’s like an animal
I was working as a waitress
barrel girls, its a barrel girl, for sure for sure
get a job you fuckin hippies
high hats for whole days
stop !
I must
a daughter half a mile from earlsfield
I didnt take the drugs but I was a hippy
were not cutting pills on chairs anymore we need to dry it out
who’s got the shittest chicken shop , chicken wars, my chicken’s fuckin shit , yours is alright , mines fucked, my chicken so shit I could wipe out a small town , I win
bye bye , bye bye, bye bye’s , bye bye , bye’s
see ya next year
in to my wood
I will give you 8
alright !! skag heads
lend us a tenner to get home
eat the evidence
black water country
im into stress when I get back
ya think I look alright for 62
I can see right through you
looks like geezers ravin
dash it
bye’s bye’s and bye’s be for I die
dashed it
smashed it
calvin kline


Ben Graville


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