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It was an average sort of day — they ( the ubiquitous “they” with a small ‘t’ ) — chose to bury me : on the Day ( astrologically ) Of Integrity.

[ He saw Cyd Charisse, by chance, as al-Summat ( or other) in Warlords Of Atlantis, on T.V. ]

The much maligned Crookshanks, Tricky-Dicky of “….Kingdom For A Horse “, of course, infamy, made into a pantomime villain by Shake’sperson & “Larry ” — hats off to him, Olivier
has been what has informed….

[ ” Mr. Mickey could you kindly find a quieter nib please ? ” ( Yes, ….the T.V. was still on….) ]

the Commonweal’s take on the enunciator of….” Now is the winter of our discontent….made glorious by this Son of York….” but, as also is known — everywhere — ” HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE WINNERS….”

[ ” Great writer that Rabbi Burns…..” ]

and thus — just maybe, Richard ( deterred ) wasn’t SUCH a shit….Mind, Tushita Heaven, notwithstanding, is the highest celestial realm…no less, and the bad-uns are always making mileage of the scatological

[ “…I’ll have a little talk with you later….” ]

as eschatological…but…back to the plot & the sequestering of what is to reside within it…..bones…..interred

[ ” Martin’s been with the firm 35 years….”]

but that is the nub is it not…

[“….catbird seat….its a baseball term meaning sitting pretty…..” ]

Yes , not content with Geronimo’s remains being the raison d’etre of The Ivy League frat-boi-see?-quit!-soc(k) {{The Skull & Cross Bones Society }} at Yale….They make locks too, Yale Locks….geddit? They are now, in a typical Uncle Albert’s On Gaga* ( *Akkadian lingo for the former planet, Pluto ) fashion, imperiously impinging on other reliquaries….and nicking them…but all under the auspice of ‘scientific progress ‘…all for the greater good as defined by a political cadre intent on…

[ ” Great Balls Of Fire….is that how you…..liquor & efficiency don’t mix….” ]

Battling the People’s Revolutionary Tendency to abrogate ? abnegate ? or calumniate ? The statist notions of the New World Order ? ( for which read NU WHIRLD ORDURE, motto: Same Shit, Different Shovel ….they who brought you TWO-TIER SCIENCE….BEEEGGG and littul ( and Cloacal Warping ) to conflate old to new to obfuscate a fresh imprint ( for which read imprimatur ) on every bone….as branding or brands. The cartouches of the Multi Intersnat * (*pat.pend ) Fast Hiss Corpse Orations subsuming all The Globe within its… DEM BONES ///TROTZDEM \\\ DEM BONES DEM BONES DEM DRY BONES NOW HEAR DE WORD OF DE LORD…

[ Macpherson’s new method…text tiles …( Elle The Body whose name they’d already earmarked ]

Automaton. matrix, robotic android, cyber purlieu adieu to you…Me ? The Hu Moon 2.0 ( mark two ) will be under the auspices (( that word again )) of a lab not a labia…

[ “….put your …..hands up you better come quietly…” ]

Cue Tall Pimple Musack…& cards being pontooned…. in Patience….files being mixed & Peter Sellars rocking up to locking up the factory…flat-hattedly

[…Scottish clerk in the kino in usquebaugh….”….coked to the gills….” ]

Elias Windstrom would be the last person to be suspected

[ ” Kill Willy….I don’t like the name “….even though it appeared later in Monarch Of The Glen, depicted by one of the key players in their panjandrum, playwright, pundit, promulgation of Ricardo the Hard in the Styx…A jolly good fellow, Jules ]

It had been an average sort of day

[ ” I took myself out of the equation….”]

The Poet Laureate’s Ghost Chant read by Old Harrovian Hemlock Stones ….a distant relative. to Crookback ….as was Arthur Conan Doyle to Spock….it ( filmic ) transpires
The People intuiting Crookshanks/ Crookback had been fitted up….The lay in Leicester ? Plant A Plan-Tag-E-Net ? In East Mercia ? [ Last of The Plantagenets ] PLAN (TO) TAG (thE) NET IN EASED MERCY, YEH?
When they’ve just fired up The Snooper Colluder [ CERN ] so in Science Friction Terms …they’ve cloned bones, fleshed them like in the Fifth Element, rewound Primer & vectored The Stiff to the parallel universe(s) the’ve just hived off, to hack into ?

[ “There are rats in the attic…..Watson ” ]

Trop trop tocce mes petites choux. Le roi est mort…Long Live THE KING….watching from the wings where we’ve assigned Him….enigmatically…the Post Of Threshold to Our Schemes to travel faster than Light Backwards Into The Future, Forwards Into The Past…beyond The Dream…secure in his support of our muted occult theme….Christian on the surface.. “.God Of Earth & Altar ” (????) GOD? SHE’S BLUE….but still ” BALANCES Solar Systems on HER ALL GENETIC KNEE….” just as Gregory “Poor Soul” Corso, though colourblind, ‘cos he said SHE’S BLACK…””saw”” HER do…. but subtended by A. N. Other’s surreptitious meme whereby material Mahavadists have usurped Super Nature and ‘created’ the ‘heavens’ as …[ ” Psychotic…”]… in a Spring clean ?
The Ceremony…when ALL RITUALS ARE ABROGATE ? The panoply when its clued in to blasphemy ?…..

Reverence when its milked into perfidy ?
The Battle Of The Sexes….Build a King in isolation…But no King is King without a Queen
The bottle of sack seized…Build an inebriate in consolation….But no imbibition [ “…He didn’t inhale….” ]
But no kink is kink without a Treen

[“…Are you keeping up with this in the mind-warp pavilions, Dan Dare ? ” ]

It was an average sort of day being assailed by plummy abstainers…But as the pre-Synod Of Carthage ( A.D. 456 ) unexpurgated BIBLE has it…” The Last Days Shall Be Like Unto The Days Of NOE
And you cannot quench the righteous…even beneath Swaledale Stone and an enforced subjugation before switchbitch triuned clones…armed by Brainwishing Hice

For I shall utter with grave countenance, GOD and THE Goddess had a Sapphic relationship whilst incarnated in The Flesh on Terra for which they were ELIDED by both patriarchy & matriarchy…They may deem to forgive your execrable crime….I…will….not…..

It was an average sort of day…..

Millions shelled out to try & pin a shade of former times to a statist loop ? To keep souls stooped ? When the Nation is cooped within a hierarchical hegemony that tramples the impoverished and…justifies the hollow crowned stratagem as a coup? Signing away autarchy…Culpability factor pooped. We will chime this in with our bloop, our swoop at sovereignty….

[ ” No Mr. Smith ! You will not conduct your sallied salvos at governance entirely in camera….” ]

not tied to the travesty we appraise as THE sole arbiters of your fate ?

Dost thou think Hu Moon Host that you can act like the Heavenly Host and pontificate on matters SPIRITUAL & TEMPORAL
Is your hubris THAT ‘mental ‘? When both GOD hersen and THE Goddess and other entities from on High are treated so shabbily ?

It was an average sort of day….

Man follows Earth
Earth follows Heaven
Heaven follows The Tao
The Tao does that which is natural

Chris Newby
Pic Claire Palmer

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    1. Chris good to read your out-write rightings….YES T.V.’s the main-line switch bitch….read INSIDE OUT…from BARNCOTT PRESS……neil oram

      Comment by neil oram on 13 April, 2015 at 6:50 pm

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