Britain’s war protest images go on show

People Power: Fighting for Peace

The idea of Britain opening an Imperial War Museum dates from 1917. An exhibition to mark the centenary takes the IWM in London a long way from tanks and battleships.

People Power: Fighting for Peace looks at how the British have protested against war. It covers everything from posters and poetry to street-demonstrations….

The story here:

    Peter Kennard and Cat Picton-Phillipps famous anti-Iraq war photo-montage of Tony Blair

Thalia Campbell’s Greenham Common banner

Greenham Common Peace Protest in the 1980s

David Gentleman’s blood splat Iraq poster

World War One poet Siegfried Sassoon is also featured

Peter Kennard parodied the official nuclear survival guide

People Power: Fighting for Peace is on at London’s Imperial War Museum
from 23 March until 28 August.

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