About Westminster Terror Attack

However sad the death of people in Westminster yesterday was, waking up to the full rhetorical nonsense of politicians and the police this morning was just as disturbing as one lone driver on a mission to kill.

Hearing people spout that ‘we will never be cowed in the face of such terrorism’, that ‘policemen protect our way of life every day’, and that they ‘have stopped at least a dozen similar attacks’, not to mention the Muslim Mayor of London telling us that Muslims love London because we all get along and live in harmony, is enough to make you retch.

Let’s hope London is a liberal city, but there’s been little over the last year in the UK to indicate that we are the slightest bit liberal or welcoming. Our borders are being shut, we’re foolishly abandoning Europe, and we have seen nationalistic and patriotic nonsense on the rise, along with hate and race crimes.

Why is one person on a Grand Theft Auto or Carmageddon killing spree assumed to be a Muslim extremist rather than a deranged video game player? Why does the fact he knifed a policeman mean he is a Muslim extremist and not a disaffected youth tired of being stopped and searched by the police, or of institutionalised racism? However serious 5 deaths and 40 injured people are it’s hardly 9.11 is it?

Yes, we should be concerned for those who have been hurt, share our condolences with the families of those who died – including the driver shot by the police at point blank range, but let’s keep things in perspective and not let the government, the police, or anyone else, use it as an excuse for more surveillance, more guns, more security, more bullshit, more oppression.

I for one will not be celebrating the fact that there will be more armed and unarmed police in London today. I for one have turned the television news off, tired of inanities and conjecture.


Rupert Loydell



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    1. Meanwhile, in other news…

      Comment by Editor on 23 March, 2017 at 9:21 pm
    2. Spot on that

      Comment by Kevin Quinn on 24 March, 2017 at 2:10 pm

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