We have a fixed body of doctrine,

which focuses on force of recognition

and depends upon heroic revolutionaries


drained of rebellious energy, along with

emotionally charged words and moments

intended to have a profound effect.


Lost almost as soon as it appears,

the marvellous is within everyone’s reach,

blending the mystical with the spiritual,


the site of a vision where critical function

gives pause to anyone who feels committed

to any type of esoteric influence.


I am searching for a bit of country

in the city, considering a headlong dive

into group-organized consciousness,


a powerfully convergent aspiration

that feels intuitively off-key:

a strong will does not make life easier.


It is a question of educating people

to spend until everything is lost,

of keeping all the wonder caged.



© Rupert M Loydell
Illustration Nick Victor


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