The Lords of Commerce play upon the mindset of the electorate as if on the keys of a multi-piped organ, manipulating the common usage of language and weaving, like black magicians their devious spells to cast a profitable enchantment over the social milieu.

A cow does little else but eat grass and probably consumes quite a bit by the end of each day. This, to a human, would not be considered a fulfilling way to spend ones time, not to speak of the degree of boredom involved. However, the cows seem quite contented with this placid role and therefore would not be insulted if regarded as a consumer.

But a human being?

Was Shakespeare a consumer?  Michelangelo, Proust or Einstein?

And would they have agreed to this definition?

Unfortunately, an agreement of some sort seems to have already taken place and this linguistic slight-of-hand has succeeded in hoodwinking the common mindset into willingly accepting this shameful identity without question, and doing so with a self-destructive enthusiasm that robs them of their dignified status as electors and submits them to the subservient position of ‘consumers’.

There are now consumer lobbies clamouring to assert their rights and taking this perverted insult for a status symbol; thus the power of this witchery.

In a democratic system the electorate occupy the major and most important role: the giving of their individual power into the hands of those who purport to use it to benefit the community at large.

Each individual amongst that electorate is an elector.

Not a consumer!

Failure to register this fact leaves nothing but to go on purchasing knick-knacks, electronic toys and other clutter, all, no doubt, made of plastic, before wending a weary way back to the milking-shed.

Dave Tomlin
Pic: Elena Caldera


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