Covid Report from Eastern Europe

Demonstrations against Corona virus have been taking place every week  in  Poland  during the month of October. However on 24/10 Polish police violently intervened and used tear-gas to break up participants who were marching towards the Prime Ministers residence in Warsaw.



This was a totally uncalled for action and has shocked many who had never  before  witnessed this form of violence by a government against it’s own people.

Poland  is  exhibiting  the same escalation of ‘positive tests’ as all other  countries  in Europe. The entire country has recently been put into the ‘red’  category  of  restrictions  on  movement,  social  grouping, shopping and dining-out.

Poles are becoming increasingly impoverished by the effect Covid-19 restrictions are  having  on  their  ability  to earn a living, particularly amongst those who run the tens of thousands of small businesses that operate in this country.

Anger  is  rising at the way these lock-downs are being enforced and at  the  fines being imposed on those who don’t comply. However, these fines  are  illegal  as they are not based on an act of parliament and the Polish courts have so far thrown-out the fines in all cases where citizens have appealed against the practise.

Just like all other European countries the actual rate of death from Covid-19 in Poland is on a par with seasonal flu epidemics.

The government is currently seeking to introduce an act of parliament that would make mask wearing an enforceable law. Just as doctors are describing covering the nose and mouth as a genuine danger to health.

More and more are waking-up to the fact that this is a globally controlled fake pandemic which is being used to usher in a central dictatorship and police state powers.

Report by Julian Rose, President, International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside

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