Culture Matters

Culture Matters is a registered Co-Operative, which aims to promote a progressive political approach to the arts and all other cultural activities.

We believe that culture should be for the many, not the few, and that class-based divisions in society constrain, prevent and spoil our enjoyment of all the cultural activities which we need to enjoy life and be fully human.

We have developed a number of operations to meet our objectives. They include

  • a web platform,, which publishes creative and critical material such as articles, poems, essays and images
  • a publishing operation, which publishes poetry and other material as books and ebooks
  • arts awards, which we run in partnership with trade unions. Currently we run a Bread and Roses Poetry Award with Unite, and a Bread and Roses Songwriting and Spoken Word Award with the Communication Workers Union and the Musicians’ Union
  • cultural education material. We have developed and delivered a range of material for trade union members, covering a range of issues around politics and culture
  • policy development material. We aim to develop and contribute a democratic and socialist perspective to discussions and debates about culture and cultural policy.

We welcome contributions of creative and critical material, and also new members. Further details are on our website.

Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd

[email protected]

FCA Registration No: 4347

Registered office: 8 Moore Court, Newburn, Newcastle on Tyne NE15 8QE

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