This sentence has been redacted for privacy. One does not often come

across a person purporting to be speaking on behalf of the falling leaf. Any

other interpretation of the events you’re fretting about seems unlikely. One’s

eyes can become weary from all the looking they do. You will never be able

to fully understand “the elephant ground”. Scour the scenery in search of

The Suspicion. Make a list of all that seems poignant. A lot has been scrubbed

from the industrial landscape. This sentence as been redacted for privacy.

Rain is weather and windy is also weather and together they form another

weather. A plank of wood can be a total life-saver in certain circumstances.

It is perfectly acceptable to be in two places at the same time. To mimic

a parrot is to ape it. To learn something “parrot fashion” is to bedeck oneself

with colourful plumage that is not your own. Wyomin’ is the only U.S. state

whose name ends with a G. One of the benefits of a private education is

that nobody needs to know what you have not learned or how much it cost.

This sentence has been redacted for privacy. Your name and address is

an expression of nothing in particular but it’s wise to encrypt it. The best advice

coming in from around the globe is to not take any notice of advice if only

because those dishing most of it out seem to be a bunch of losers. One million

elephants have an enormous number of secrets. The Suspect has been concealed

for safety’s sake. Autumn is a season during which melancholy prevails. Choose

who to talk to and be firm about it. This sentence has been redacted for privacy.



Martin Stannard

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