War is so cold
Brutal and barbaric, hardly civilized
Why on earth diplomacy fails
Doesn’t anybody have any sense
Same as it’s ever been
Well at least most of us
Had the sense not to be drawn and join in
Boots on the ground
Body bags
We can win, they said
They started it first, said somebody else
All else fails
Is it getting better
Sure as Hell often doesn’t look like it
Thought we were past all that
The nuclear button
Just not a full deterrent
Still entirely capable
Of destroying whole cities by familiar means
Setting refugees to escape and run
I mean this is going to be with us
For years
Unsolvable problems
The right to self determination
He wanted to control me, us
Who does he think he is
Well it ain’t Nazi mass psychology
It’s territory grabbing
As they say
If you can take that hill by any means feasible
It becomes your’s
A blow to the face
Is a fine way to end a conversation


Clark Allison



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