Glow on the Go, Oh Darling! Pop! Fizz! Clink! Power Up!

Falling objects; tripped over a hashtag on my way in,

Oh yes the fun stuff happens, oh yes, oh yes.

Diverted Flight Centre, bring it on, bring it off, all makes and models,

Makes your blood run cold she said, very British.

See it for yourself down at the Art Deco Disco

I mean, seriously? When you got it flaunt it, as they say.

Former Rialto usherette from somewhere else

Ritzy dream ticket Violetta Eureka from Zonal Foundation Inc.,

Not one of your cute Mayfair Ladies (geddit?),

Takes shorthand, Mondrian dress, tres chic – nothing doing.

Hello silky I muttered as Violetta swam into view

It’s like free fall in here, no half measures

Have a good day, yeah?


Knockout shape, wow, that dress is really something.

Dumb down smarten up mix and match get the message

Dreaming scream queen and screaming ticket

Exploding all over the place (geddit?) obviously

Closing in like very glitzy ritzy do me favour Cold Sister,

Mondrian dress tres chic nothing doing.

Glow on the Go, Oh Darling! Pop! Fizz! Clink! Power Up!

This is a near-life experience, and you can keep it

Prone to exaggeration, zap your brain it’s easy here

At Alpha Loading Central night moves way out far out

We hear a mysterious ‘ping’ from the deep,

Way down in The Trench; change of destination.

And the bulb’s gone! Shrieked Violetta.


Stark reality, see the upside of everything

You like Mondrian? You take it seriously?

I mean seriously? Taboo fantastique what?

That stuff zaps my brain, said Violetta

With a dreamy, oneiric giggle.

It’s The Style, as we call it,

It’s the scaffolding of the world, get a grip.

Get a what? You want a what?

I don’t think so – dream on baby.

Now look it’s really something… even if you’re

Too butch to boogie, too boring to boogaloo, ha ha ha.

Right old knees up do me a favour. Shabby, sleazy,

And I’m too flabbergasted to fandango, I replied.

You’ve got vapour trails in your eyes, she said.

Glow on the Go, Oh Darling! Pop! Fizz! Clink! Power Up!

High fives!


News and mags, photocopies, inspire and entertain

Makes it easy! Facial attraction, oooh darling.

Pop! Fizz! Clink!

Before meeting the girls to relax we freeze events

Eyeline, headline, skyline, hemline,

Doors close. What’s hot right now?

Come rain come shine come on Missy Violetta,

Don’t miss your moment in the palace of crystals.

Vamp it up in velvet just because top of the world

Learn the lingo, can be a breeze, High fives! Power up!


A C  Evans

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