Eyes Shut

I once perished in solitude
deluded myself in the race
it was our common ground of appetite
that formed the economic base
from intelligence to overdrive
the box thing screeched
The cocaine The campaign The champagne
A sunken faced stranger
in the morose afternoon
was planted on the level
squiffy, crooning the same tune

“A change is gonna come’
The clamour was loud,
disrupted a gaggle of pointed noses
they all turned around!
Each one ofthe alfresco diners
all turned around

their diamond eyes were shut
yet they ALL turned around.
They stared and the gaze
was profound
although their eyes were shut
they all turned around…
I watched the scenario for a good time
placed some copper
on the ground.
A trouble shared is a trouble halved
underneath the flesh compounds
all are mirrored ubiquitously
coatings of skin
without, what have we?
all living in sin.
They who equivocate
using yar’s, harhar’s and such…
Take their station away
what is left, nothing much?
They chased the dragon
sullen youngsters; yes they were
they are no better
than their own chauffeur

A regular interrupted my mind, articulated
to his circle
reached to point with his flaccid hand
‘A bad penny always turns up’
The irony bewildered me…

The sun raged
the tarmac softened
the song came to a crescendo
the city air wailed
the passers-by sniggered
heels and loafers scuffed by and the
restaurant stretched its mellow aroma to each corner of the street

Then much to my dismay
the chant grid|ocked-
The message
and so did the fine diners, chewing on gold.



I have existed for 18 years and wrote poetry for almost 13 of them.

I would appreciate it if you could take a look at one of my poems.

All my very best,


Daisy Roots
Illustration Nick Victor

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