Face which need to be faced

In the world of pyscho-ism

Who are you?

Is no more a question to be asked to others!

The urge for wisdom has taken the un-drawn

Path of self-discovery.

The outer race track has been blurred by drive off

Dark tunnel of self!

The bright light of Unbroken glory

Has blinded the sight gathered reliance.

A shining bliss, under the night

Home is defined outside

I am struggling to create within my- self.

The journey from tabula,

To a complete self-hood.

It’s strange some see tabula to be nothingness,

But my heartfelt smile choice it to be, complete!

The same magnetic sculpt bounces within to

Burst up the mirage

To make my-selfhood to be complete within its


All this is ended,

A width, a shining peace,

Acceptance of breath,

I can use to speak

Under a woven mirth.

A journey from who-m’.






Author: Sonali Gupta


Glossary: The tabula here refers to tabula rasa, theory that individuals are born with an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate.

Summary: This poem is themed upon mental health graph of lost introvert to self-exploration. Every emotion and experience has something to teach us. The journey of self- discovery through the wilderness of anxiety, spiny pokes of identity crisis, roasted thoughts scummed overhead to a breath in fresh breeze of acceptance and self-love seem to me watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.


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