Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope (The Monsanto Song)



Seize the Day [aka Monsanto’s Corporate Affairs Team] toured the West Coast in May 2000. This is Theo and Shannon’s song about corporate contributions to the pollution of our planet:

Those Polar Bears now – who really cares now ?
They’re breeding gender-bending babies,
who won’t be breeding none
‘Cos PCBs, yeah, are in the seas, yeah
We like to think that there’s a little piece of us in everyone

‘Cos we’re Monsanto – that’s right Monsanto
We’re turning Satan into Santa,
by giving kiddies cancer
Coming through now, we’re changing you now,
The Mother Nature Terminators
of Food n’ Health n’ Hope

That DDT ban – don’t lay it on me man
‘cos we had all these creepie-crawlies fallin’
on the food we grew,
Was a revolutionary solution
It’s just a shame that
what we sprayed on
made the turnips toxic too

Let me remind ya about Indochina,
Then the Commie dominoes were falling
so we sprayed them into hell,
Give peasant farmers orange pyjamas
We made their jungle cover wither,
then we withered them as well

It’s not our fault, now, there’s chemical warfare
but if there’s dollars in dioxin, it’s our duty to supply
that rain of poison they washed our boys in,
A cancer agent from the … – Hey – I cannot tell a lie

From Pentagon came that drug aspartame,
Our Pepsi-Cola with no calories was every kiddies’ treat.
When there were rumors it gave them tumors
Somebody falsified the data,
and we called it Nutra Sweet(R)

And you get more juice now from a dairy moo-cow,
Monsanto’s daily dose of hormones,
them udders gonna swell
Don’t blame the cream though, if you’re in chemo,
There may be BSE masectomies, but nobody can tell

Robert Shapiro, well he’s our hero
He’s on a mission with a vision of sustainability
Which means we’re going to keep on growing
Till we’re the biggest corporation
in the twenty-first century

Seeing no future for the big polluters,
He spun an eco-friendly line in redesigning DNA,
Genetic eyes on that far horizon
Where every thing alive is privatized
and every seed will pay

We got the soya, we got the law’yas,
Politicians in our pockets all the way to President
The press and TV to guarantee the
cooperation of your nation in our new experiment

You did not choose it,
but you’ll have to use it,
We’ll get our Round-Up Ready (R) fingerprint
in every pie you eat,
With every patent, be a bit more blatant,
Till our corporation’s domination of your
globe will be complete

Mister Monsanto, Monster Mutanto
We’re turning Satan into Santa – Give Everybody Cancer
Coming through now, we’re changing you now,
The Mother-Nature Terminators,
Hell-On-Earth Creators,
Bio-tech Dictators.
The Future’s gonna hate us….


Seize the Day is a UK Band

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