For Lilian Ray Erdos On Her 79th Birthday

it still isn’t easy to know
That there will be no more of you
As even now, six years later
All you seem to do is go on.
Your voice in the hush of this desolate hour
In which the jahrzeit candle is burning
To mark the day of your birth, without song.
I celebrate you still in the beam
That it casts from the hallway
In the house gifted to me
Each shadow, each light remains yours.
Happy birthday and more;
May your returns appear to me
Even when the world has stopped watching
And I stay behind my closed door,
The heart will remain, captive it’s clear
To each moment, which i live again
Thinking of you. Happy birthday mum.
I dreamt of you. And there through new darkness
You were once again all I saw.



David Erdos 28/12/17

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One Response to For Lilian Ray Erdos On Her 79th Birthday

    1. A beautiful tribute.

      Comment by Jan Herman on 5 January, 2018 at 5:05 pm

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