Fred had some worrying appetites
A couple of which kept him awake most nights.
He wanted to see beyond all seeing,
To pierce the veil that engulfs all Being;
In Fred’s family this kind of thing was typical:
Ma and Pa and sister Flo were also metaphysical.

Conrad was often approached by tramps
who wanted to know if his head was held on by clamps.
Disconnectedness of mind from body
might prompt him to share his giant rum toddy.
But Conrad had no intention of sharing his booze
and what happened next made the 11 o’clock News.

Peter the Poetess advertised themself on Twitter
as available for readings and workshops, and as a babysitter
but readers and parents are mostly inclined
to think gender is real and not just a state of mind.
Be that as it may, their rates are quite reasonable
but, at a push, they are also negotiable.



Copyright © Mark Halliday & Martin Stannard, 2023



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