Golden Slippers and Others.

Tape-recorded dishes of shellac, transcribed by C.S.

“Oh dem Golden Slippers” was written by Afro-American songwriter and banjoist James Bland and was first published in year of 1879.

His most famous song was “Carry me back to ole Virginny”, but that was untill Vernon Dalhart made a hit of his Slipper’s song in the 1920’s.

His career was at one point confused with that of Stephen Foster, but luckily they corrected that error when they rediscovered his grave in 1939, to find out that James A. Bland was in fact a person, and no fiction.


released June 7, 2018

thanks to Nauck’s Vintage Auction for the dishes

and to the Ledbetters’ of Dust-to-Digital for the inspiration.

With many thanks to Christian Strøm

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