Happy new year! e un pensiero per le anime…




2016 was the year of starlight being turned off, so many artists,  so many famous people have abandoned us. But we mustn’t forget that people with names unknown to the media die every day… on the roads, in the war, in hospitals, in the  cold, in the warm, in pain or not in pain, alone or with their family. In every way and

everywhere. I send a loving thought to all these souls. Fame doesn’t make anyone divine. We all go out in the same way, famous or not. We all have

a heart that at a certain point stops beating.

All are worthy of a memory. ALL.

From the Hollywood actor who stops living in the warm bed of a hotel, from the rock star found dead in the

bathtub from an overdose, to the homeless man who asks you for a coin along the street and who dies frozen on a winter’s night. All of them human. All of them worthy of memory. All worthy of exactly the same respect.

Kindred souls, have a nice trip, and a happy new 2017 to everyone.


Pic and text: Elena Caldera

Translation: Heathcote Williams

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