Harum Scarum

harum scarum


Words mean nothing
unless they are bile from your belly
or broken teeth
or poison apples from forbidden trees
What use are words if they don’t
fly or kill or breathe?
What use are they if they don’t shiver
or gasp when you take a
bullet to the heart?
We need words that will splinter your dreams
twist the knife in Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee orrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee ahhhhhhh!
Now – Release
Words that pummel you bloody to the ground
that punch that loan shark lender in the mouth
Words that spit on branded consumption
and undress the whores of mass corruption –
that flower a reaction –
We want words that wrestle alligator fascists in the street
Words that will kink up the party – pin Hedge fund Harry to the wall,
milk the nipple of stinking cheats
and never hide what you feel
Words that you can see, unchained a slab of basalt,
naked for eternity
Words that spark flames again and again
that aren’t ‘endorsed,’ by weasel money men
Words that vomit on alpha pup shoes
that will build something vital
fresh – new
Words that heal the winds in Palestine
and bring justice to the bastards of apartheid
Words that will lift the kilt – blow the bagpipe –
Words that will rip the old order apart
and dazzle the skies like Sputnik babies
Words that kneel between the thighs of lady justice
and penetrate the womb of equal rights
Words that shield morality and crack the rusted fists of bigots
Words that shine a light on toxic oil spills –
chase the dragon – conjure thrills
Words that bite the tongue of slick talking salesman
Words that spank you black and blue
Words that remember me and you
Words you find in the backseat of a lover’s car
that wing you to Mars, skating on moon dust
and magic stars
Words that fight in ink berets
that linger longer than a second, and never fade.


Saira Viola
Pic. Elena Caldera






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3 Responses to Harum Scarum

    1. Hits like a nail on the head. We need more poems like this. Superb.

      Comment by Mark Jeffries on 14 July, 2016 at 2:00 pm
    2. Beautiful philosophy beautifully expressed

      Comment by Utoal chakeaborty on 16 July, 2016 at 12:18 am
    3. Visceral and powerful. This is what should be taught to children.

      Comment by Michael Morlock on 10 August, 2016 at 11:02 am

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