Here is the News

[Westminster, London, 22nd March, 2017]

Here is the News and here are the
realities: on the BBC, reporters
refer to catastrophic injuries while
cataclysmic scrolls along the screen –
language perhaps at its most sadly
tautologous, but already gone astray
[CNN reporting the former accurately
thousands of miles away, then explores
terrorist threats as a certain surmise]
and the news isn’t fake but dubious.
What do we really know? Excusing
the profundity of that question,
we know people have been hurt and
some have died. We know these did not
make it across that everyday bridge.
We know no one needs to ask how
eyewitnesses feel, but they will.
We know there will be no intentional
lies, but await characters from signals
beyond reasoning, and then poetries
too risk footholds their finite words try
when walking carefully side-by-side.


Mike Ferguson



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