How Do You Beat the Elite?

The wars in Yemen, Ukraine & Palestine are a horrendous indication of just how far we have drifted from civility and international peacetime. But we haven’t ‘drifted’ we have been steered deliberately in this direction and it is forecast to expand globally. This involves not just divestment from the general public and democratic systems, favouring right-wing upsurge and policies spreading even across Europe, the UK and the US. That’s old news now.

The global public are like a child sleepwalking onto the road of an oncoming juggernaut. We need to wake up to our new reality and ALARM is our biggest asset.

The Guardian posted an article about a film called ‘Grab’ pitching it as ‘The biggest story of the 21st century: is this the most shocking documentary of the year?’ Well, it probably could be the most shocking documentary of this year – six years in the making and extremely important – but it is by NO MEANS the biggest trend. It concerns the privatisation and monopoly take-over of all food and water production and treatment. Bad enough, but this is small-fry and the elite will be delighted, if we expend ourselves resisting it, while they get on with the real work of securing their dominance in every sector of societal manipulation.

Since ALL manufacturing and production, including fossil fuels and global distribution only constituted 5% of the global economy by 1990, the 95% consisting purely of financialization and by 2009 only 3% of that finance was driving the production economy – this ‘grab’ is nowhere near the biggest developing story. It is not accelerating us towards climate catastrophe even a fraction of the speed of a far more insidious development.

Everyone is aware that politically and morally, the world of economics is in reverse and accelerating. But that’s not the perspective of the elite. They are convinced they are progressing, but that’s only because the richest person (net worth $211Bn) constitutes only 0.0376% of the global economy. The monetary economy is a runaway vehicle and their only option to cling on to any control of it, is to accelerate and compete violently. And they don’t mind bulldozing the Human Rights Act and International Humanitarian Law, to get it. This means adopting and cooperating with the ideologies of those they oppose, from both sides. THERE IS NO IDEOLOGY. THERE IS NO NATIONAL INTEREST. THERE IS ONLY INTERNATIONAL DOMINANCE. If you doubt this, or dismiss it as fake news, you need to wake up to the research, revealing that this is not just the race for a NEW INTERNATIONAL COLONIALISM AND SLAVE TRADE; it is the intensified race towards global destruction of life.

The worst grab in process is not something coming down the line. It is already here and affecting millions of households in peaceful wealthy democratic communities and land and property owners. The elite are coming for ALL of us and unless we jump ahead of them – instead of just catching on and using all our energies to catch them up – our rights as free people will drop off the steepest cliff, very rapidly, along with the climate. This acceleration is REAL. WE HAVE NO CHOICE but to act NOW, while our freedoms still exist.

So what is this larger stealth tactic? What is at stake? What is our ONLY realistic power to beat the elite?

Find out in this NEW URGENT 45 minute talk – an introduction to the free 8-modue interactive workshop: ‘The Parallel Non-Monetary (Eco)nomic Revolution of the 100%’


Interactive workshop overview:

‘What is the PNME?’




Kendal Eaton – June 2024.





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