How We Got Into This State







We are to learn fractions before we first go to school
and spend summer holidays (probably now in winter)
revising for what the future will bring. We should know
what we are taught before we are told and plan out
what will happen to us so that everybody knows
what is going on. Shakespeare will help us prepare
for a life spent in hiding, and there are mathematical problems
still waiting to be solved when we have to live underground
as the radiation slowly subsides. Childhood is not about children,
it is about adults in the making, schools are not sites of learning,
they are to prepare us for adulthood. The future looks less
and less promising although the sun is finally out.
I do not want my children to be told what to do anymore,
want room for personal inquiry into the nature of things.
Michael Gove must be made to keep his big mouth shut.

© Rupert M Loydell
Pic: Claire Palmer


THE TOWER OF BABEL, an artist’s book-in-a-box by Rupert Loydell

WILDLIFE by Rupert M Loydell

THE FANTASY KID   Rupert Loydell’s poems for children



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