I do not ask for something that is not available


I do not want to be locked in the past by political
filibusters; led by dinosaurs delaying, destroying
lives for their own agendas.

I want elected defenders that seek substance with honesty, show empathy, seek careful knowledge. No more trawling a tender for any pernicious gain or touting plans to pick

at combinations that might unlock closed hearts with keys of greed designed to deposit

funds into an already fattened account.

I do not want to be governed by those who crave

their own splendor, are easy to run-over, blown

aside to become a transparent pretender.

I need representatives to be challengers like space-craft mingling in a community blender mulching worlds, ethnicity, diversity, multi-genders. I need them to be brave owning more than an iota of compassion with spliffs of slender thought for someone else; not just being a capitalist vendor. I want demonstrations, examples of giving. I want prosperity lenders applicable for all and not just for the hedge fund manager. I need new rules writers, suturing, sewing mending aspirations to drip-feed revolution as legal tender, to slay austerity, set aside suicidal surrender, give society a future, offer opportunity to be an attender in an inclusive new world where none are dependent. I need to live in a society where we all have income

that is no benefit pretender, a basic right for all with no test or treat. I defy you to be that challenger, for that concept in a country so rich and yet brim-full of dead-enders.

I do not want government propelling poverty through

negligible opportunities or sieving equality through a

blocked colander.

I need to live where fresh ideas are not marked return to sender; where it is not only ceilings that should shatter but invisible walls that might need new render – to be covered in hope, smiles, serenity – salvation with no surrender. I beg for broadcasting that does not pamper to ruling propaganda, that protects their status quo by bile, vile lies and slavish slander. I want government to be presenter, of something different, to be innovative, an inventor of inclusive ideas and ideals that are never about being an accusing avenger.

Why not seek sustainable society together?

Make community regeneration vital and viral – the next trendsetter?

Please share the hashtag of unity and a communal wish to make all our lives so much better.



Andrew C Brown
Illustration Rupert Loydell

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