Finally started getting some stuff done during the lockdown.
Here’s what came out.


For every American military casualty in WWII there were 8 casualties in work. Many times more Americans died in the factory than they did in the battlefield. And not just during WWII, every year work kills more than war, on average 2 million per year worldwide. Coronavirus has brought this into sharp relief, the low-paid workers being forced to risk their lives without the right safety equipment or hazard pay, or in the US, without the right to health care if they are injured or get sick while they work.

This painting is based on a sketch I did at art school many years ago. It’s available as a limited edition print from my website in standard square frame sizes.

This NHS PPE poster I designed has gone up in London bus stops thanks to Special Patrol Group. You can download a printable version from my website.
Last week I finished this companion piece to my ‘The Early Bird Murders the Worm‘ drawing. It’s a public information poster about the virtues of laziness during a pandemic, (among other occasions.)
Got round to taking some proper photos of these ‘Never Work’ risograph prints in a hastily wallpapered section of my studio toilet, they’re just £5 each from my online shop. Available in blue or black. Perfect gift for the workaholic in your life.

Got a new set of postcards printed. You can pick them up in my shop. Please note 2nd class delivery is taking longer due to the post office’s reduced capacity during the pandemic.

Thanks to all my new, current, and previous backers on Patreon. If you’d like to chip in a few quid a month towards my activities I’d massively appreciate it. patreon.com/spellingmistakescostlives



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