I was one of a generation


I was one of a generation


Who chewed through the leash.


Who ascertained the dose

and doubled it.


Who lived in anything that had a roof

and no rent.


Who took the time

to build community.


Who presented the alternative

to a mundane mainstream.


Who dried amphetamines

On a warm plate.


Who ran a mock

The police.


Who realigned purpose away from work

toward living.


Who camped in freezing trees

To remind us we are of the world.


Who disregarded everything

They had ever been told.


Who took Ketamine

to do their own dentistry.


Who set up free festivals

refusing to apologise for living.


Who drove on LSD

danced all night and drove home.


Who smashed up jets

destined to bomb the innocent


Who snatched the box from Pandora


Who believed freedom

to be the only thing worth possessing.



b p r greenland


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