In Memory of Miriam Carey 1979 – 2013

Video and Narration: Alan Cox 

In Memory of Miriam Carey  1979 – 2013

Miriam Carey drove up to the White House
Then she battered in one of its gates.
She believed the President had been bugging her house
And she wished to talk to him face to face.

Immediately her car was surrounded by cops –
A paranoid Congress placed in lockdown –
Six policemen now surrounded her and her child,
Each one with his pistol drawn.

They were bravely taking on an unarmed woman
With a baby in a seat at the back.
‘Shoot first and ask questions later’ was their guide,
Given someone who was ‘driving while black’.

Instead of being frightened she said she was sure
The President sympathized with her position:
She’d come from Stamford, Connecticut having lost her job –
Her job as a dental hygienist.
She said she was sure that the President’s wife
Would also want to help her in her condition
Bringing up child alone she said she was desperate
The cops just said “hand over that key in the ignition”.

‘If you try to drive off we’ll shoot you’, but Miriam believed
The President understood her situation.
He’d had her house under surveillance after all
And he’d have told her if he planned her execution.

Hadn’t she voted for the President and didn’t she love his wife?
And even though they weren’t returning her calls,
He and his wife Michelle would always smile at her on tv
And so she trusted them to help her walk tall.
She wanted to see them both before driving back,
She had to have something to hope for.
Her life had ground to a halt; she could see no way out
But now the police were trying the door.

She panicked, and turned the key and then pressed the gas
To escape those who were refusing to understand.
She learned instead their communication skills would be confined
To firing bullets from the state’s dead hand.

Her baby was alive and taken into ‘protective custody’,
Miriam Carey was taken to the mortuary.
The state’s rotten teeth had bitten her to death
In defence of its spurious authority.

Later the US Congress singled out DC’s police
To give them a standing ovation.
This comfortable cabal of multimillionaires
Decided murder deserved congratulation.

Heathcote Williams




By Heathcote Williams

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